'An Endless Supply' is a monthly, black and white, A4 booklet of any number of pages, depending on the level of content submitted for each issue.
They are open-submission (email anendlesssupply@gmail.com for info) with a focus on drawing, text, art writing, photography, etc. Back issues are free online here.

"We would like to invite you to the launch of the new edition of An Endless Supply, guest edited by curator Kate Pennington-Wilson, on Thursday 6 August at the Victoria. The night will feature readings from contributors, DJ's, music, dancing and boozing.
Admission is free and all are welcome.

Issue 4, ‘Midnight Silver Fish Around The Hot Freezer’, features contributions from Simon Baker, Ana Benlloch, Lavep Blucher, Nadia Chalabi, Rhys Coren, Olly Forrester, Caitlin Griffiths, Lewes Herriot, Bethan Hodges, Anthony Johns, Michael Kirkham, Amy Lee, Rosa Middleton, David Miller, Stuart Tait and Edward Wakefield."

Thursday August 6th, 7:00pm till midnight,
Upstairs at The Victoria,
48 John Bright Street,
Birmingham City Centre



Since 2003 Capsule have curated the annual Supersonic Festival in Birmingham.
Over the years there's been such bands/musicians as Coil, Earth, Mogwai, Isis, Harvey Milk, Battles, Fucked Up, High On Fire, Pram, Final, Michael Gira, Thrones, Chrome Hoof, Rolo Tomassi, Lcd Soundsystem, Fuck Buttons, Broadcast, Merzbow & Keiji Haino, Psychic Tv, Shit And Shine, Harmonia, Dalek, Jesu, Bela Emerson, Modified Toy Orchestra, Om, US Maple, Sunn0))), Shy Child, Serafina Steer, The Tug, Oxbow, Circle, Gravetemple, Zombi, Alexander Tucker, Tuung, DJ Scotch Egg, Kling Klang, Wolf Eyes, Noxagt, Oren Ambarchi, Justice Yeldham, Parts And Labour, Jazkamer and hundreds more.

For three days and nights this July we were blessed with it again.
Experiencing (as always) a great atmosphere of freedom, open mindedness, creativity, ideas, collaboration, possibilities, enthusiasm, chaos and fun.
There's something vital missing from mainstream music, venues, festivals and practices, and it's found here. A real alternative to the lifeless, boring, profit based, unimaginative bullshit we're sold every day.

The following photos don't come close to including everything that happened or portraying the scale of the festival weekend. Just a glance at some of the performers and moments from my perspective. Hats off to Lisa, Jenny, the Capsule team and interns and volunteers for making this happen. The city is better for their work.

Opening night and 'There Are No Others, There Is Only Us' film projection premier at Moor Street Station, Birmingham.

Jenny Moore & Lisa Meyer opening speeches.

Free cake and wine!

Festival's Friday night

Saturday inside merch/stalls/tea & cake area.

'Celebrating Independence' talk in theatre space.

'Home Of Metal' talk in theatre space.


Outcrowd Collective 'shed' and stall outside

Q&A with Goblin in theatre space.

Live sessions/interviews on Rhubarb Radio.